St Swithin's

Part of BNI, St Swithin’s is a long established, successful referral networking group based in North Bristol. We provide a friendly, supportive environment in which local business people can meet up, get to know each other and learn about one another’s business with a view to passing new business referrals.

When it works well, referral marketing is an unbeatable method of marketing. And when you get a together a group of like-minded professionals, each with a similar passion for what they do and a commitment to delivering top quality products or services, then referral marketing works really well!

A “hot-house” for referral marketing

The way that we work and the structures that we follow help us to build strong relationships and maximise business passed between the members of our group.

We meet on a regular basis, both in our weekly breakfast meetings and as in 1-2-1 meetings at other times. This allows us to really get to know each other and learn about one another’s business which in turn helps us build strong and mutually trusting relationships.

We follow the philosophy of “givers gain” – which roughly speaking means if you give me business I will want to give you business in return. We find that our members naturally want to show their appreciation for business passed by doing the same for members of their group.

Of course this can only happen when there is thorough confidence in another’s ability to deliver a high standard of service. Stories shared and testimonials and positive feedback provided by members of the group about the services and products that they have used and referred help build trust and confidence, making it easy to refer business in confidence.

of new business comes
from referrals
New York Times

of respondents trusted referrals
from people they knew

of consumers are willing to refer
after a positive experience
Texas Tech

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend


I’ve been a member for nearly 10 years and during this time I’ve met many businesses and business owners I perhaps would not have interacted with normally.

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